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We partner with nonprofits to bring ethical drug discounts to underserved communities.

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The lack transparency and hidden fees in prescription drug pricing has resulted in Americans having to carry the burden of the highest Rx prices in the world. We believe that making transparently and priced prescriptions medications more accessible for everyone will help to make drug prices more affordable for everyone.


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Ethical Savings

Be 100% certain that the prescription drug discount access you are providing is transparently and ethically priced.

Impact Tracking

See in 'real-time' the tangible impact that the Rx Savings Program is having in your community.


Our program is provided at no cost to your organization so that you can focus on the impact.

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See the impact of transparent Rx savings in your community. Our partnership program is easy, free and provide program impact data in real-time.


Scriptly Rx wants to make transparently and ethically priced medications accessible for all.

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Sponsor a nonprofit partner today, and track the positive impact that your sponsorship has on their communities in real-time!

Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.

- MLK -