About Scriptly Rx

Our Organization

For our partners and people that we serve, Scriptly Rx is a technology company who created a platform that makes transparently and ethically priced prescription medications accessible to everyone. While we are proud of the work that we are doing, Scriptly Rx is so much more. We are a team of diverse and talented individuals who have a passion about the people and communities behind the prescription. We see the hidden fees that plague our pharmaceutical industry and the burdens that they create for everyday Americans, and it is our passion to solve that problem.

Our Mission

The lack transparency and hidden fees in prescription drug pricing has resulted in Americans having to carry the burden of the highest Rx prices in the world. We believe that making transparently and priced prescriptions medications more accessible for everyone will help to make drug prices more affordable for everyone.

Our Values

Pricing Transparency

Committed to sourcing transparently and ethically priced medications.

Provide access to transparently and ethically priced medications to everyone.

Create platforms and programs that drive sustainability for consumers and partners.

Illuminate the importance of pricing transparency through educational resources.

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Team Members

Founder & CEO

Danny Corprew
Cale Duncan


Jared Ford

Marketing and Partnerships


Andrea Hearther
Jacob Al-Asmar


Kep Nana


Ahsan Tariq


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