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Transparent Rx Discount Program

The Scriptly Rx drug discount program allows nonprofit organizations to bring 100% transparently and ethically priced prescription drug discounts to the community members that you serve. Having worked with over 30 organizations, we understand the unique challenges that nonprofits face when it comes to program delivery. Click to learn more about how our no-cost, transparent drug savings program can expand your impact today.

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Sponsor A Partner

Like many other areas in our health system, underserved communities carry a heavier burden than most when it comes to inequalities in pharma. In addition to pricing burdens, the aggressive tactics of big pharma continues to make access a challenge for many of our urban and rural communities. By creating a no-cost, transparent drug savings program, we are able to partner with nonprofit organizations who serve communities with share needs and amplify their impact, and sponsors can play an important role in scaling that impact. Click to learn more about how sponsoring a nonprofit partner helps to scale the impact of this program in their communities, and how we track and report that impact to you in 'real-time'.

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